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Ship often

When I started with this blog, I made the promise to keep it simple. To hold on that promise I should have blogged more often. I failed on that part, and here I make a new promise to not fail again in the same way, at least not so hard that I didn’t even publish that “keep it simple” post until today.

How is it that “ship often” is related to “keep it simple”?

When you wait too much to publish (ship) a post, most of the times it’s because you think it’s not perfect yet. That you’d better improve it, or people will get a bad impression from you because either you are a bad writer, or you don’t create good content, or you don’t write well in that language that’s not your mother tongue… Or maybe it’s just that…

I don’t know, f*** it! Let’s publish this post now, I need to get started.

Stay tuned!

In the next posts I’ll talk about what I’ve been doing lately: Apart from working on “real” projects, I started to contribute to open source projects more frequently and also took an active role in helping organize the local clojure meetups in Buenos Aires.