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Ring-logger 0.7.0 released!

ring logger log capture

I’m pleased to announce the release of ring-logger 0.7.0!

The goal for this release was to refactor the code in preparation for future improvements and to remove the timbre & onelog (which pulls log4j, etc) dependencies. Those were moved to the new companion projects that also have 0.7.0 releases: ring-logger-timbre & ring-logger-onelog

Breaking changes

  • Remove timbre implementation, was moved to ring-logger-timbre
  • Remove OneLog implementation, was moved to ring-logger-onelog
  • Replace keyword arguments with a proper map in wrap-with-logger
  • Replace :logger-impl param to :logger
  • Make Logger protocol more simple: It has just two fns now: log and add-extra-middleware

Try it!

Feedback & contributions are all welcome!