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Contributing to OSS projects - Part 2

first pull request meme

This is the second part of Contributing to OSS projects where I’m telling my modest journey in being a contributor to OSS projects, as a way to motivate myself to continue doing it but also to show others that it’s not difficult to get started.

In the first part of this series I did a racconto from my first pull-request that got merged in october 2010 up until the last of my pull requests from 2013

So let’s continue…


That’s it for 2014.

I hope this isn’t being too boring. To me, it’s being awesome. It’s liberating in some sense: Even though I’m not proud of all the code I did, I’m proud for having done it and for showing it in the open. A couple years ago I would have been incapable of doing this: I was very afraid of doing a mistake while in the open.

Life is only one. And as (supposedly) Albert Einstein said:

A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new

See you in the third part, where I’ll cover the current year.